Ruha Benjamin

Associate Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University




Assessing risk, automating racism

Introduction This article addresses the growing public concern regarding the automation of racial discrimination through digital tools and technology. Throughout the paper, the author, Dr. Ruha Benjamin, focuses her discussion on a notable publication by Obermeyer et al. entitled, “Dissecting racial bias in an algorithm used to manage the health of populations.” Unlike most researchers who…

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Sociology Compass

Race for Cures: Rethinking the Racial Logics of ‘Trust’ in Biomedicine

Introduction African-Americans have historically been subjected to experimental medical research while simultaneously denied access to various healthcare services. Since the enactment of legislation requiring that experimental medical research maintain a racially diverse population, researchers have found it difficult to meet those statutory requirements. Many researchers believe that the reluctance of African-Americans to enroll in experimental…

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