American Journal of Epidemiology

What Structural Racism Is (or Is Not) and How to Measure It: Clarity for Public Health and Medical Researchers

Introduction Recent incidents of police brutality against Black Americans sparked heightened awareness of systemic racism in the United States, leading to discussions about racism’s pervasive presence in society, including within public health structures. This awareness has also translated to increased attention and funding for research on structural racism’s effect on health. However, there is inconsistency…

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Implementation Research and Practice

Application of an antiracism lens in the field of implementation science (IS): Recommendations for reframing implementation research with a focus on justice and racial equity

Introduction Over the last several years, the field of implementation science (IS) has become an increasingly popular framework for policymakers to translate evidence-based interventions (EBIs) into routine, real-world practices. IS is most salient in health settings, as it is primarily used with the objective of improving the quality and effectiveness of healthcare services. Despite the…

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