Calvin K. Lai

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis



Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Reducing Implicit Racial Preferences: II. Intervention Effectiveness Across Time

Introduction Recent research on implicit social cognition suggests that implicit associations may be malleable to change. However, the majority of studies on modifying implicit associations only evaluate short term results, with only 3.7% of these 585 studies attempting to look at longer-term change. Of these 22 studies, roughly the same number of publications showed lasting…

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

A Meta-Analysis of Procedures to Change Implicit Measures

Introduction Often, our intentions conflict with how we behave. These gaps between our intentions and actions can influence many social issues, including discrimination. For example, an organization may espouse racial equity but hire a white candidate over an equally qualified candidate of color. In response to disparities caused by unintentionally biased behavior, some researchers have…

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