Patrick S. Forscher

Research Scientist at Université Grenoble Alpes



Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Long-term reduction implicit race bias: A prejudice habit-breaking intervention

Introduction “Implicit bias is like the smog that hangs over a community,” ​Hidden Brain​ podcast host Shankar Vedantam said on an episode about implicit racial bias. “It becomes the air people breathe.” Indeed, like air, implicit racial bias and discrimination is everywhere, and has been linked to poorer health and success outcomes for historically marginalized groups. To…

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

A Meta-Analysis of Procedures to Change Implicit Measures

Introduction Often, our intentions conflict with how we behave. These gaps between our intentions and actions can influence many social issues, including discrimination. For example, an organization may espouse racial equity but hire a white candidate over an equally qualified candidate of color. In response to disparities caused by unintentionally biased behavior, some researchers have…

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