The Race, Research & Policy Portal (RRAPP) is a free online collection of easy-to-read research summaries. It features the latest articles on diversity, racial equity, and organizational change across sectors. Each summary focuses on antiracist solutions, listing clear takeaways in a short format.

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    Create a central repository for research and publications related to antiracist policy.

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    Foster an accessible, cross-sector, and constructive dialogue on effective antiracist interventions.

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    Help changemakers make informed, strategic decisions in their organizations' antiracist transformations.

Recently Added Articles

Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction

The Potential of Diverse Youth as Stakeholders in Identifying and Mitigating Algorithmic Bias for a Future of Fairer AI


Introduction With trends revealing the general populace’s growing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is becoming more evident that we, as a society, are becoming dependent on AI.   Given the increased use of AI, it is important to note that AI technologies also possess inherent social and cultural biases that reflect and perpetuate existing…

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Whiteness and Education

Can antiracism training improve outgroup liking and allyship behaviors?


Introduction Scholars note that allies play a significant role in undermining and dismantling systemic barriers, with research showing that effective allyship can lead to significant reductions in racial bias. The authors purport that allyship requires a commitment to social justice, the establishment of genuine relationships with those from other identity groups, and a dedication to…

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Frontiers in Sociology

A Call for Culturally Responsive Transformational Leadership in College Sport: An Anti-Ism Approach for Achieving Equity and Inclusion


As college sports associations like the NCAA reckon with decades of white male dominance, scholars analyze literature in gender, race, and sports leadership to imagine a path forward.  Introduction Pervasive issues of inequities, inequalities, and discrimination have long hindered the successful establishment of diversity and inclusion in United States college sports. These issues are underpinned…

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Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing

How Do Foundations Support (Anti-)Racism? A Critical Race Theory Perspective on Philanthropy and Racial Equity


Introduction This article examines how philanthropic foundations responded in the months following the 2020 killing of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests through a Critical Race Theory (CRT) lens. The findings provide perspective on a select group of  foundations’ communications on racial equity amidst recent BLM events along with their purported commitments to…

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How To Guides

By developing “How To” guides, RRAPP has grouped together a set of articles to address a specific thematic area. These guides are meant to be focused on a singular yet multifaceted issue and to provide an entry point for further exploration of the topic.

Bias: what is it and how do we unlearn it?

Bias, prejudice, stereotypes: we all have them. We are all socialized and conditioned within a US culture built on systemic oppression. But, what can we do about our biases? These articles present field-tested solutions that address bias head-on.

I’m starting a DEI initiative…now what?

Launching a racial equity or DEI initiative can be challenging, laborious, and at times, overwhelming. A good first step is to learn from others. This body of research highlights successes of existing initiatives, pointing out what works in early stages of implementation as well as what challenges might emerge in the months that follow.

Evaluating diversity programs for effectiveness

Too often for people of color, the field of evaluation does more harm than good. Historically and today, data has been sourced using oppressive methods that are not only exploitative of communities and staff of color — but are often used to support racist policies. This list provides resources for integrating equity into evaluation approaches of policies and programs, and learning from existing evaluation frameworks of diversity initiatives.

What not to do, what we know doesn’t work

Research on racial equity and antiracist institutional practice is emerging and continues to help inform the field. What conclusions can be drawn about what are effective or ineffective approaches?

Building an Antiracist University

The world of education is rife with policies and practices that perpetuate and promote racism. How do organizations with educational mandates work to recognize, understand, and address these issues?

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Research related to structural and organizational change within institutions and how and what accountability can be implemented in specific settings.

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Intersectional Analysis

Research related to the intersection of racial equity with other marginalized identity groups.

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Media, Communications, and Technology

Research related to racial equity and intersections in media, journalism, the digital landscape, and other forms of communication.

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Organizational and Individual Health, Behavior, and Psychology

Research related to health, psychology, and other social and societal factors as they relate to well-being and racial equity.

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Training & Evaluation

Research related to racial equity training programs, workshops, and evaluation, in addition to measurement of training programs and of other racial equity interventions.

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